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ForensiKit by Crime Scene - Evidence Photography

The ForensiKit: Evidence Photography box includes
  • Two No. 2 ABFO-type Photomacrographic Scale – Metric
  • Two No. 2 ABFO-type Photomacrographic Scale – Inch
  • One MicroMini Pocket Microscope with Smartphone Adapter
  • One 15-pack Disposable Evidence Tents
  • One activity insert (Download another copy [PDF])
  • One packing list (Download another copy [PDF])

No subscription required

ForensiKit: Evidence Photography box contents

Taking evidence photos with a DSLR camera

Taking evidence photos with a cell phone camera is OK, but a dedicated DSLR camera offers access to an optical macro closeup setting and advanced exposure options.

  • The file format for your images is important. RAW is the best format because it’s uncompressed.
    • RAW image editing requires special image tools.
    • If you’re unsure of your abilities, use the JPG setting.
  • Set the image quality on fine and the image size to largest.
  • Increase the depth of field of focus by using a high F-stop setting on the lens.
  • Increase image sharpness by shooting at 1/60 or faster shutter speeds.
  • Use a focal length of around 50mm. Do not use your zoom settings to get close because it causes distortion.
    • If you’ve seen a photo where the subject’s nose looks large, you’ve seen this kind of distortion. It happens because a zoom setting was used, which caused the facial area closest to the lens to appear larger.
  • Your DSLR camera lens likely has macro lens abilities. Look for the tulip icon on the lens.
    • When you turn to that focus setting, it becomes a fixed focus macro lens for closeup photos.
    • Move in and out to establish focus.
  • Use a tripod to maintain a consistent perspective in a series of photos.
  • To photograph a scene at night, use a long shutter speed of several seconds.
    • Use a flashlight to paint with light by illuminating the darkened areas so they show up in the image.
the back of a digital camera

💡 Tip: You can use the gray scale printed on your No. 2 scale to correct a photo’s exposure. Bring the image into your photo editor, and match the on-screen gray color to the actual color of the scale you have.

Need more scales?

No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale

No. 2 Photomacrographic Scale - Metric

Need more evidence tents?

UV Light

white disposable evidence tents
Want to level up?

Mug Shot Backdrop

Mug Shot Backdrop

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