Blood Detection

ForensiKit box with luminol supplies
The ForensiKit: Blood Detection box includes
  • Two Bluestar Training luminol packets
  • One vial of synthetic blood
  • 10 Hemastix test strips
  • One sprayer bottle
  • One pair of Nitrile gloves
  • One activity insert (Download another copy [PDF])
  • One packing list (Download another copy [PDF])

No subscription required

ForensiKit: Blood Detection

Want additional Blood Detection activities?

  • Message in blood
    1. Have a friend use synthetic blood to write a message or clue on part of a dark-colored rag.
    2. Use the luminol to locate the message.
    3. Throw away the rag when you’re finished.
  • Condiment crime scene
    1. Get four paper plates, prepared horseradish, and sauerkraut.
      • Note: Fresh grated horseradish root works best. You can use prepared horseradish, but the luminol reaction will be less visible.
    2. Put some horseradish one plate.
    3. Put a similar amount of sauerkraut on the other plates.
    4. Allow the horseradish and sauerkraut to dry for best results.
    5. Have your experiment partner use the luminol to find which plate has the horseradish.
    6. Throw away the plates when you’re finished.
      • Important: Never ingest anything that has been treated with luminol.

Need more luminol?

Bluestar Luminol multi-pack

Bluestar Training Luminol multi-pack

Need more blood?

Synthetic Blood

Container of synthetic blood

Want to level up?

Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Kit

Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Kit

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