Fingerprint Fuming

Gloved hand holding a cyanoacrylate fuming pouch with the ForensiKit box in the background

The ForensiKit: Fingerprint Fuming box includes
  • Two Peel & Fume pouches
  • One Fast & Easy fuming chamber
  • Five fuming bags and wire ties
  • One 1-oz. vial fingerprint powder
  • One fiberglass brush
  • One pair of protective eyewear
  • One dust mask
  • One pair of Nitrile gloves
  • One activity insert (Download another copy [PDF])
  • One packing list (Download another copy [PDF])

No subscription required

Contents of the ForensiKit by Crime Scene - Fingerprint Fuming box

Activity – Collect examplar fingerprints for comparison

After you’ve developed your unknown prints with fingerprint fuming, you need sample prints from everyone in your group to compare to the unknowns and identify The Prankster.

💡 Pro Tip: Always wear a mask and gloves when dusting for prints. Fingerprint powder can irritate your respiratory system, and your bare fingers can leave prints on the surface you’re dusting, contaminating the evidence.

Materials needed:

  • Plain white paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Camera or cell phone to take photos (optional)


  1. Draw a grid on the paper.
    • Grid squares should be at least 4 inches x 4 inches.
    • Make sure you have enough squares for everyone in your group.
  2. Label each grid box with a group member’s name.
  3. Have each group member make sure they have plenty of skin oil on the index and middle fingers of their right hand (unless they’re left-handed) and touch those two fingers on the paper in the grid box with their name.
    • 💡 Pro Tip: If your fingertips are too dry, the side of your nose is a good place to pick up extra skin oil.
  4. Follow the Applying Fingerprint Powder procedure in the activity insert to dust the gridded paper to reveal the latent prints.
  5. Take photos of the dusted prints and compare them to the unknown prints you developed using cyanoacrylate fuming.
  6. Can match the known samples to the unknown prints and identify The Prankster?

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